Hey guys just letting you know that I am back from vacation and therefore reopening my storenvy!!

If I’m not lazy later I will maybe write up a summary of japan and all the weaboo trash things I did with shouri the weaboo trash queen hahahahaksdjsdflsdf maybe



Modern teenage Kainora leaning against the air because I’m so legit get on my level

Adorable and exquisite!



collab btwn rynn and me, i inked/blocked in her GORGEOUS PANELS!!!!! there will be a second part if i finish but after that we are prob too tired to continue the rest of bad end au LMAO, u can take my word for it that it gets very melodramatic because thats our fav. BLESS U FOR SKETCHING OUT THIS MANY PANELS OF MY MU IN THE FIRST PLACE AH……… o(-<

in one piece

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What program do you use?

I’m assuming you mean drawing program, right? I use Photoshop for 90% of my drawings. I also use SAI Paint Tool sometimes but I vastly prefer Photoshop.


posting selfie trash from AX14 cause I’m missing doing kagepro with my mekkaku dan losers ヽ(;▽;)ノ

handsome seto is shoeboxing
best danchou kido is faiell
Kano and ene is meeeeee


I got a new sketchbook/pens! So here are some traditional drawings from my instagram~


Hey guys!! Just a quick note - I will be closing my store from this Saturday (Aug 9) for about two weeks, due to my much anticipated vacation to Japan! If you would like to anything to arrive in August please make sure you order in the next few days. 


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hi!! thank you for the haikyuu phone charm i bought from your shop, its really cute!!

hi!! I’m glad you received it safely and that you like it. Thank you so much for your purchase!!

Wacky colors and fun!!